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We’re Hiring!

Job Title: Wine Bottler/Winemaker/Retail Associate

Reports to: Store Manager

Physical requirements: Must be able to lift minimum 50 lbs., maintain a positive attitude and be fluent in English.

Job overview: The primary responsibility of this position is assisting customers with their bottling and ensuring that they have a fun experience, offering excellent customer service. The secondary responsibility of this position is assisting the Winemaker, as required, as well as the full sales cycle from greeting a customer to assisting them with their purchase decisions and processing their purchase.

Scope & range: Assisting customers with bottling and answering any product/procedural questions that arise, assisting the winemaker and receiver in tasks as required, as well as assisting customers with their purchases. You will also be required to ensure the store is kept clean and tidy and that the shelves are presentable.


  • Offer excellent customer service
  • Bring out carboys of wine as needed
  • Sanitize customers’ bottles as needed
  • Fill customers’ bottles
  • Clean and sanitize bottling, corking and labeling/shrink wrapping stations, including washing the floor after each shift
  • Greet customers
  • Bring customers’ empty bottles from their vehicle into the store
  • Take customers’ full bottles out to their vehicle
  • Assist Winemaker with any tasks or duties with which he/she may require help
  • Clean and/or sanitize winemaking equipment
  • Assist in the receiving and restocking of product as required
  • Package products for resale as needed
  • Sanitize and upkeep of the rental filters, reporting any problems with filter(s) to Store Manager
  • Assist customers in choosing their wine kits or supplies
  • Process sales either in person or on the phone
  • Keep shelves stocked and tidy
  • Sweep, vacuum and/or wash floors as needed.
  • Other tasks and duties as assigned.

We have a small, happy team and are looking to add a team member! If you like people, get along well with others and are looking for a new opportunity, send your resume to



We thank all applicants however, only those chosen for interview will be contacted.