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Festa Brew: Dry

A premium version of North American style dry lager. All malt, no adjuncts. Very light straw colour and light bodied. Low hop bitterness, no hop flavour or aroma. Crisp finish with lowered caloric value.

OG: 1.0360-1.0368, FG: 1.0020-1.0026, Yeast: Saflager S-23, IBUs: 9

A comprehensive line-up of popular beer styles. Each variety is made from premium North American and European ingredients and is ready for fermentation in home brewing, brew-on-premise and commercial applications.

Festa Brew premium, all grain wort is your best choice for making commercial quality craft beer. Get professional results every time with no fuss. Festa Brew contains no adjuncts, stabilizers, or extracts — just pure, natural wort from Magnotta Brewery ready to handcraft into great beer you’ll be proud to call your own.

Ready to bottle in 3-4 weeks.