Customer Appreciation Points Program
The Wine Cellar is changing loyalty programs after more than 15 years. You will no longer need to carry a card! We know you will love that!

Points will be tracked at the register and every time you purchase a wine or beer kit, you will be given 1 point for every dollar you spend!

When you acquire 100 points or more, you can use them toward payment on your next wine or beer kit. Points are converted to payment dollars as follows:

100 points = $6.00
500 points = $40.00
600 points = $48.00
800 points = $64.00
1000 points = $100.00
1200 points = $120.00
1400 points = $140.00
1600 points = $160.00

Don't worry! If you still have a card for the 'Buy 10, get one FREE' offer, we will, of course, honour it. Just bring your card in the next time you visit the store and we will buy it out from you.