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The Wine Cellar is an award winning vint-on-premise and beer & wine making supplies retailer.

You can use our state of the art facilities to create your own wine! Start by adding the yeast to begin your wine. Then come back at the end to bottle and take it home. Easy!

Our experienced staff is here to care for and nurture your 'nectar' in our environmentally controlled wine making room.

We offer top quality products made by Vineco International Products and Winexpert, as well as equipment and supplies necessary to make wine and beer at home.

Wine is our passion. Our knowledgeable staff is here to share this passion with you, whether your are a seasoned connoisseur or new to the world of wine.

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Pulp Fiction Promotion
For the month of August.
Eclipse Forza
Available now.
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Sarah's Wine Recipe for August: Red Wine Marinade
August Specials

KenRidge Classic Traminer/Riesling reg. 72.98 sale 65.98
KenRidge Classic Merlot reg. 80.98 sale 73.98
KenRidge Classic Pinot Noir reg. 80.98 sale 73.98
Legacy Chardonnay reg. 106.98 sale 96.98
Legacy Sangiovese reg. 109.98 sale 99.98
Legacy Vieux Chateau du Roi reg. 109.98 sale 99.98
Vintners Reserve Coastal White reg. 72.98 sale 65.98
Vintners Reserve Coastal Red reg. 77.98 sale 70.98
World Vineyard Australian Chardonnay reg. 81.98 sale 73.98
World Vineyard Australian Shiraz reg. 88.98 sale 80.98
WV Australian Cabernet Sauvignon 12L reg. 97.98 sale 88.98
WV Australian Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 12L reg. 97.98 sale 88.98
World Vineyard Washington Merlot 12L reg. 97.98 sale 88.98
Selection Argentine Malbec reg. 155.98 sale 145.98
Selection Italian Amarone reg. 155.98 sale 145.98
Selection Italian Brunello reg. 155.98 sale 145.98

Naughty or Nice
Available in September.
Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir
Available in September.
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